There's free WiFi at two locations in the park: the office and the café patio overlooking the beach area. The first network is LivingForest Office 1 or Living Forest Office 2, password: livingforest. The second network is located at the cafe' and is called LivingForestCafe, password: livingforestcafe (shared space so not the place for secure online activity).

If you would like WiFi at your campsite, visit the office and purchase an access code, which will require the usual login when you open your browser. There are many WiFi nodes throughout the park and our latest upgrade was done in 2017.  WiFi in a huge park with hills and trees and RVs is very challenging for the tech providers, and some areas of the park have stronger signal than others. We currently have the highest upgrade and fastest internet option available. Please let our office staff know at the time of reserving if this is a priority for you so they can help optimize your camping location within the park.


Living Forest Oceanside Campground WiFI Signal Strength Map
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